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Onboarding Manager (OM) at NIH

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 NIH has transitioned to a new Entry on Duty (EOD) system, Onboarding Manager!  This system offers many advantages for HR users and new hires.  HR users will benefit from its interface with USA Staffing, which allows new hire information to flow from USA Staffing to Onboarding Manager with the click of a button, reducing the amount of data entry required by HR.  The interface with eOPF will allow HR to electronically transmit some new hire forms directly into eOPF, decreasing the number of forms that are manually scanned.  Benefiting the most from the system may be the new hires themselves.  They will appreciate the ability to complete a questionnaire which will populate their responses on their EOD forms, virtually eliminating duplicate data entry.  This intuitive system displays only applicable questions to the new hire based on their responses to previous questions.  There is even a link new hires can follow which directs them to missing information on the questionnaire in order to complete it prior to submission.  New hires now have the ability to sign and submit the majority of EOD and benefit election forms electronically instead of having to print all forms.  This will reduce the time it takes to process new hire paperwork during New Employee Orientation, allowing new hires additional time to speak with the Badging Office or Benefits Specialists!

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