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NIH Office of Human Resources (OHR) Mission & Vision

Mission of the NIH OHR: To recruit and retain a highly skilled and diverse workforce for the NIH.

NIH OHR Vision

To make the NIH Human Capital Organization the best and most valued provider of HR strategies and services within the Federal Government. As such, NIH managers work in partnership with their Office of Human Resources (OHR) staff to meet the needs of their employees and to meet the unique mission of the NIH.

The Office of Human Resources

  • Provides human resources strategic programs, client services, and workforce relations support for NIH.
  • Serves as the principal advisor to NIH leadership on matters related to human resources management, including strategic human capital planning; recruitment and placement; position classification and management; compensation and pay administration; executive resources; workforce planning; labor and employee relations; employee benefits, entitlements and advisory services, and employee services.
  • Interprets regulations, directives and other guidance related to human resources programs. Provides policy direction, services, coordination and operational control of human resources programs.
  • Implements and evaluates human resources programs and ensures that human resource services serve the needs of client organizations.
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