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2009 Pay Scales

Title 5

Senior, Executive, & Scientific

OPM recommends that pay tables be terminated when there are no longer any covered employees – i.e., zero population special rate schedules.  With the use of CRS and higher DC locality rates, it is likely that over time there will be less of a need for Title 38 special salary rates. In 2009, the following tables have been abolished:

  • N-12, Cytotechnologist, GS-601
  • N-13, Medical Instrument Technician (Cardiac Catherization), GS-649
  • N-14, Medical Instrument Technician (Echocardiography), GS-649
  • N-15, Medical Instrument Technician (Pulmonary Functions), GS-649
  • N-19, Physicians’ Assistant, GS-603

Salary & Pay Schedules

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