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Payroll Information

Our mission: We are dedicated to ensuring that all NIH employees are paid, on time and accurately, and that any pay or leave problems that we can correct are handled in a professional and timely manner.

Please note that all pay and leave problems are reviewed by the staff in the Benefits and Payroll Liaison Branch and then sent to the DHHS Payroll Services Division, which will either resolve the problem or forward the information to the HHS payroll provider, DFAS, as appropriate.

In order to control and manage the payroll and leave issues for NIH staff, and to be as responsive as possible, we are unable to respond to calls directly from NIH staff members. To best serve the NIH community, we ask that you follow these procedures:

  1. Contact your Timekeeper. If he/she identifies the problem, an error notice will be prepared and forwarded to the Benefits and Payroll Liaison Branch to facilitate a resolution.
  2. If your Timekeeper is unable to help you, he/she will contact your Administrative Officer.
  3. If your Administrative Officer is unable to identify the problem, he/she will contact your IC’s ITAS Coordinator for assistance.
  4. If the problem still can not be resolved, the ITAS Coordinator will contact a Payroll Team member in the Benefits and Payroll Liaison Branch.

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Terms Used On The Leave And Earnings Statement

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Payroll Related Forms

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