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The Benefits and Payroll Liaison Branch offers seminars to NIH employees in all stages of their Federal career.  Learn more about your CSRS or FERS retirement system, how military service affects your retirement eligibility, contributions to social security, and the Thrift Savings Plan using the links below.

Request Retirement Estimate (NIH only - Powered by WiTS)

Retirement Application and Information - CSRS or FERS

Retirement Information and Related Benefits

Phased Retirement Information

Phased Retirement is a human resources tool that allows full-time employees to work part-time schedules while beginning to draw retirement benefits.  This new tool will allow managers to better provide unique mentoring opportunities for employees while increasing access to the decades of institutional knowledge and experience that retirees can provide. 

OPM issued final regulations implementing Phased Retirement effective November 6, 2014; however, agencies must first establish their internal policy prior to implementing the program at the agency level. Phased Retirement is not yet available within HHS. NIH is awaiting a decision from HHS on when Phased Retirement will be implemented. Once HHS decides to adopt Phased Retirement, an internal policy must be put in place after completing the following:

  • Discussions with our labor partners;
  • Transition to the new integrated payroll and human resources provider, the National Finance Center; and ensure the successful deployment of HHS’s new employee travel management system;
  • Provide training to employees, managers, and HR professionals;
  • Upgrade retirement benefits technology; and
  • Ensure that the Department implements a Phased Retirement Mentoring program necessary to fully comply with the regulations.

Upon establishment of the HHS policy and availability of the program to NIH employees, information will be disseminated via various communication sources such as NIH-wide Listserv notices, Benefits Newsletter, and HR News.

For additional information on Phased Retirement view the FAQs External Web Site Disclaimer.

Retirement Seminars

The Benefits Payroll Liaison Branch sponsors many retirement planning sessions at no cost to you. These include pre-retirement seminars, Social Security briefings, TSP briefings and financial planning seminars. Please visit our calendar of events for upcoming events. In addition, the NIH Training Center (NIHTC) offers the following courses to familiarize you with the retirement process.

Pre-Retirement (CSRS/FERS)

If you are planning to retire from the Federal government within the next five years, you are encouraged to attend a pre-retirement seminar. In this class, you will explore an in-depth workshop on the many components of retirement from what the retirement plan entails and annuity calculations to financial planning and the effects of the retirement transition. For a detailed course description and upcoming dates, please view the NIHTC's website for CSRS and FERS workshops.

Mid-Career Retirement (FERS)

In this class, you will be given information on the FERS retirement plan that includes topics such as information on the retirement benefits package, calculating annuities and exploring the financial components of retirement. For a detailed course description and upcoming dates, please view the NIHTC's website for workshops.

Retirement at a Glance (FERS)

This class is developed to acquaint you with the retirement process. Topics will include requirements for retirement eligibility, annuity calculations and TSP benefits. For a detailed course description and upcoming dates, please view the NIHTC's website for workshops.

Retirement is a critical point in one's life and affects an employee's entire family. We encourage you to invite your spouse to attend this session at no cost. Please note that spousal attendance is on a first request, first served basis due to space limitations. If you are attending this course and would like your spouse to attend also, please send an email with your name, class date and spouse name to the NIH Training Center's email box at

To register, please visit the NIH Training Center course catalog.

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