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The NIH Civil Program

The NIH Civil Program addresses matters pertaining to the prevention of violence in the NIH workplace.  Matters include behaviors of concern that may lead to acts of violence, such as bullying or intimidating behavior, threats, suicidal ideation, and domestic violence.

Call The NIH Civil Program if:

  • You need help assessing the potential seriousness of a concerning situation;
  • You are experiencing a concerning or threatening situation at work and need intervention from trained staff;
  • You become aware of a workplace situation involving behaviors of concern, such as intimidating, bullying, or other unproductive, disruptive, and/or dangerous behaviors; or
  • A situation involving concerning behavior already has occurred and you need assistance managing the aftermath and its effect on staff; or
  • You need help in addressing your own behavior and/or reactions to a workplace situation.

Who We Are

The NIH Civil Program is managed by the Office of Human Resources.  The program consists of Response Coordinators, a Response Team, and an Advisory Committee.   

The Response Team consists of members of the Workforce Relations Division in the Office of Human Resources, the Employee Assistance Program, the NIH Division of Police, the Office of the Ombudsman, and the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Additional internal and external organizations may be contacted for certain cases.

The NIH Civil Advisory Committee is a group of highly specialized staff members and senior managers whose purpose is to (1) prevent workplace violence through policy development and education; (2) develop and maintain an NIH infrastructure capability to intervene upon request to help ICs resolve behavioral concerns, critical incidents, and violence when they occur, and; (3) develop and maintain an NIH infrastructure capability which, upon request, can manage the aftermath of a critical incident to restore the workplace to a productive state.

What We Do

The Response Coordinators are the first point of contact for members of the NIH community who are concerned about a situation.  They coordinate with the appropriate members of the Response Team and organize the administrative aspects of the response. Civil is not a confidential resource and is not intended to be used as a substitute for calling 911 when an individual feels police or emergency help is needed.

The Response Coordinators will specifically:

  • Answer initial calls
  • Assess the urgency and whether there is a need for a Response Team intervention or assistance. This includes answering questions, giving advice, making referrals as needed, and determining timing for convening a group if necessary
  • Initiate call to Response Team members for initial meeting and notify members of date, time and place
  • Keep Response Team and Advisory Committee informed as appropriate
  • Serve as an administrative coordinator with police for emergency calls made to 911
  • Ensure appropriate post-incident response
  • Follow up with IC to ensure necessary steps, action, and closure
  • Oversee and direct the development and management of the NIH Civil Program website
  • Serve as primary professional support to the Chair of the Civil Advisory Committee
  • Serve as the initial contact point with external organizations interested in NIH’s response to and prevention of violence

Contact Information

To contact the NIH Civil Response Coordinator, call 301-40C-IVIL (301-402-4845).  Callers may be helped directly or referred to other resources. Civil is not a confidential resource and is not intended to be used as a substitute for calling 911 when an individual feels police or emergency help is needed.

To ask questions or share concerns regarding the NIH Civil Program or if you would like a presentation tailored to meet the needs or your organization, please contact:

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