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Direct Hire Authority at NIH

NIH received HHS approval to implement DHA for the following specific positions/occupational series:

Medical Occupations - At all grades and all locations:

  • Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist (GS-0647)
  • Medical Officer (GS-0602)
  • Nurse (GS-0610 and 0620)
  • Pharmacist (GS-0660)

Information Technology Management Occupations

At GS-9 and above, at all locations, for positions that are responsible for carrying out the requirements of the Government Information Security Reform Act and the Federal Information Security Management Act. (Positions that don't involve this responsibility are NOT covered by this authority):

  • Information Security (GS-2210)

Acquisitions Positions in the 1102 Series

At GS-9 and above, at all locations. The use of this authority is valid through September 30, 2017.

What does Direct Hire do?

This authority allows you to make appointments for vacancies in the occupational series cited above without competition and without regard to the provisions of title 5 U.S.C. 3309 through 3318.

How Does Direct Hire Work?

This authority does not require:

  • applicants be "rated or ranked"; this means you do not have to issue a delegated examining certificate(s);
  • applicants to be appointed with regard to the "rule of three"; and,
  • veterans' preference consideration.

This authority does require:

  • adherence to career transition assistance program requirements (CTAP/ICTAP); you must give selection priority to applicants who are covered by a Career Transition Assistance Plan or other programs designed to assist employees who have been terminated or downgraded because of reduction-in-force (see 5 CFR, part 330, subpart G);
  • vacancies to be announced in compliance with public notice requirements (as set forth in 5 U.S.C. 3327 and 3330, and the displaced employee procedures found at 5 CFR, part 330, subpart G); and,
  • applicants to meet Basic and Minimum Qualifications. You may refer to 5 CFR, Part 338, and the Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions for guidance on these requirements. In addition to the applicable minimum qualifications, you must include any other relevant selective factor/screen-out type question(s) in your vacancy announcement. As always, your should consult with the selecting official to determine the appropriate qualification requirements, including selective factor(s), for the position being advertised.

Appointment Authority Codes

Authority Codes for documenting appointments associated with the individual direct hire authority are listed below:

Medical Occupations - First Authority Code is AYM, second authority code is BAB:

  • Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist (GS-0647)
  • Medical Officer (GS-0602)
  • Nurse (GS-0610 and GS-0620)
  • Pharmacist (GS-0660)

Information Technology Management - First authority code is AYM, second authority Code is BAC:

  • Information Security (GS-2210)

Acquisitions - First authority code is AYM, second authority Code is BAE:

  • Acquisitions (GS-1102)
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