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HRIT Refresh

The HRIT Refresh project is responsible for our upcoming Capital HR upgrade and our new time and attendance (T&A) system. This effort, led by HHS’s HR Solutions division, was formally referred to as the “Hire to Retire Modernization Program” or “H2R.”

Over the next 3 years HHS will upgrade our Enterprise Human Resources and Payroll (EHRP)/Capital HR system to PeopleSoft Human Capital Management 9.2, and will include PeopleSoft 9.2’s T&A functionality.

The system will be called Enterprise Human Capital Management (EHCM). EHCM will streamline the current HRIT structure and provide HHS employees and managers with one system for workforce management and T&A.

DFAS will continue to be our payroll provider.

EHCM Overview

EHCM will be a more user friendly system that will include:

  • Full position management
  • One HR, time and leave record for each employee
  • Accurate data, pay and benefits records
  • Informed human capital decision making
  • Streamlined interfaces all in a secure cloud environment.

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Impact on NIH

  • ITAS (Integrated Time and Attendance System) will be replaced
  • Capital HR will be upgraded
  • DFAS will remain NIH’s payroll, and there will be NO change in pay date
  • Data clean-up efforts and documenting “as-is” processes will continue

Additional Information

NIH will continue to keep staff informed with project happenings as more information becomes available. Continue to check this page for updates as well as the HRIT Refresh Yammer group Exit disclaimer on the NIH network. Updates are also frequently included in this HR Systems Spotlight newsletter NIH Only, as well as HR News and other various email communications.


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