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Integrated Time and Attendance System (ITAS) at NIH


The Integrated Time and Attendance System (ITAS) is an automated timekeeping by exception system. ITAS records employees’ work schedules, Voluntary Leave/Voluntary Leave Transfer Program hours, Telework requests and all leave requests for NIH staff.

As an employee, you can Sign In and Out (if required,) Verify your timecard (if required) at the end of each pay period, and request all leave categories. If you are eligible for Telework, you can request a non-scheduled Telework day, or change your regular Telework schedule.

As a Timekeeper or Administrative Officer in ITAS, you can act on behalf of an employee and create leave requests, update profiles, add premium pay to timecards, process other actions and download reports, appropriate to your access.

As a Leave Approving Official (LAO), you can approve/deny leave requests, approve/deny Telework requests, manage timecards and download reports.

Policies and Regulations

Need additional help?

  1. Contact your Timekeeper. If he/she identifies the problem, an error notice will be prepared and forwarded to the Benefits and Payroll Liaison Branch to facilitate a resolution.
  2. If your Timekeeper is unable to help you, he/she will contact your Administrative Officer.
  3. If your Administrative Officer is unable to identify the problem, he/she will contact your IC’s ITAS Coordinator for assistance.
    Support and Coordinators List NIH Access Only
  4. If the problem still cannot be resolved, the ITAS Coordinator will contact a Payroll Team member in the Benefits and Payroll Liaison Branch.
  5. Contact the NIH Service Desk
    301- 496-4357
    Note: ITAS is available only to users on the NIH Network. You must be physically at NIH or have access via Parachute or VPN.
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