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Human Resources Systems

Human Resources (HR) systems are the electronic tools used to access HR-related information and perform HR-related functions. The systems also enable HR staff to execute HR-related activities such as job announcements and personnel actions. A brief description of each system is provided below with a quick link to the system’s webpage for additional information and access to these systems. Support for any of these systems is available on Human Resources Systems and Support webpage.

NIH HR Systems fall into the following 2 categories:

HR Core Systems

  • Capital HR (Cap HR)
    PeopleSoft based Human Resource (HR) information system used throughout the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to process personnel actions and administer benefits.
  • Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS)
    An HHS-wide enterprise application which provides employees with their retirement and benefits information.
  • Electronic Personnel Folder (eOPF)
    Easy fast access to employee’s Official Personnel Folder, the file containing their employment history of civilian Federal Government employees.
  • HRIT Refresh
    Information about the improvements and changes coming to Capital HR, and the Integrated Time and Attendance System (ITAS).
  • Integrated Time and Attendance System (ITAS)
    A system for employees and supervisors to request leave, telework, track employee attendance.
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
    A training system that houses over 3,000 free online training courses. The LMS allows learners, managers, and administrators to manage their training needs and competencies.
  • myPay
    Enables employees to make changes to their pay related items such as home address, direct deposit accounts, access their leave earning statements.
  • TALX
    A secure means for verifiers to obtain employment information. TALX is widely used by mortgage lenders, banks, etc. to verify proof of employment and income of employees.

HR Talent Management Systems

  • HR Classification and Recruitment Documentation System (HR CARDS)
    Provides users with consistency for the hiring process by allowing for the standardization, streamlining, and expediting of the classification and recruitment process for HR Specialists, administrators and managers.
  • HHS Careers
    An online recruitment system that allows NIH to recruit highly-qualified applicants through an automated, job-specific questionnaire and electronic resume collection process.
  • Onboarding Manager (OM)
    Allows for the preparation and review of new hire employment forms prior to the appointment date.
  • Workflow Information Tracking System (WiTS)
    A business process management tool that provides the NIH community a standardized, automated way to submit and track various HR and HR-related activities. Provides workflows for HR actions such as awards, pay incentives, promotions, recruitments, etc. and offers real-time reports and dashboards on the data contained in these workflows and the associated metrics.
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