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Capital HR (Cap HR) at NIH


The Capital HR system is a PeopleSoft based Human Resource (HR) information system used throughout the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to process personnel actions and administer benefits. The web-based Capital HR version 8.9 system replaced the legacy HR information system, IMPACT, in September of 2002. Capital HR contains "core" functionality common to the DHHS and its Agencies and is continually being reviewed for enhancements by the DHHS Program Support Center (PSC). The Department’s current Central Pay System receives data feeds from the Capital HR.

Capital HR Login Methods thru the Access Management System (AMS)

The AMS is a simpler, more efficient, and more secure method by which to access HHS systems. AMS provides multiple system login options which will allow users to seamlessly access multiple applications. The login options for NIH users are listed below:


Anyone with a PIV Card and a smart card reader can access AMS quickly and securely. The training module How to Login to AMS Using a PIV Card contains instructions for the PIV card Login procedure.


AMS simplifies the username and password login procedure by allowing you to use your NIH credentials, the same username and password you use to login to your workstation each day and/or access the NIH Portal. The training module How to Login to AMS Using Your NIH Login contains instructions for the NIH Login procedure.

You may access the AMS Login Page at  External Web Site Disclaimer . Printable job aids with screenshots and step-by-step instructions are available on the Self-Service Web Portal at External Web Site Disclaimer.

For AMS Questions and Support

The One-HHS Help Desk provides call center support for AMS users at 1-888-ONE-DHHS, Option 4 (1-888-663-3447) or via email at The hours of operation are 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday (excluding Federal holidays).

Capital HR Account Lock or Deletion

On February 24, 2012 a new Capital HR user account verification process was implemented in order to be complaint with federal security requirements. This automatically locks (disables) user accounts if the user has not logged into Capital HR within the last 60 days. The same process will delete a Capital HR user account if the user has not logged into the system within 180 days.

The following explains what do to if this has happened to your account:

If your account has been locked after 60 days of inactivity… you must submit a request to the HR System Solutions team.

If your account has been deleted after 180 days of inactivity… you must submit a new HR System Access form to the HR System Solutions helpdesk requesting access to Capital HR. More information on how to request access to an HR System is available on the .

At the moment the Capital HR system does not have the capabilities to notify users targeted for getting their accounts locked or deleted. In order to avoid being affected by this new process we highly encourage you to access the Capital HR system at least every 60 days.

Capital HR System Outages

The Capital HR System will be unavailable:

  • Nightly from 10:00pm EST to 5:30am EST
  • At the end of each Pay Period from Friday 5:00pm EST to Monday 5:30am EST
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