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HR Classification and Recruitment Document System (HR CARDS)



HR CARDS houses NIH standard Position Descriptions (PDs) and related classification and recruitment documents. This system enables managers and HR Specialists to retrieve PDs and corresponding documents to facilitate and simplify the hiring process. HR CARDS provides consistency for the hiring process by allowing for the standardization, streamlining, and expediting of the classification and recruitment process for HR Specialists, administrative personnel and managers.

News and Updates

The HR CARDS Project Team is happy to announce the rollout of the Keyword Search feature on Tuesday, March 10th!  With this new feature, users can now search for position descriptions and their accompanying documents by entering keywords related to the title of a position description.

Below are a few tips to maximize your search:

  • Enter keywords related to a position’s title
  • If using more than one keyword, use a comma between words
  • Spell your keyword correctly
  • Click on Clear Search Criteria between each search
  • If you wish to display the results in alphabetical order, click on the Position Title heading

The List of Documents That Match Your Search Criteria will display partial or exact matches based on the keyword(s) entered.

Questions about the new Keyword Search feature should be directed to HR System Solutions (HRSS) by submitting a Web Form Ticket NIH-only access

Top 40 Series Advertised at NIH in HR CARDS NIH-only access

Assessments - The Assessments column contains standard assessments (sets of applicant questions) to be used in conjunction with the vacancy announcement for a particular series/grade. This document includes the position specific questions used to rate the applicants. The Assessment documents will be visible to both HR users and managers.

Vacancy Announcement Info - The Vacancy Announcement Information documents contain standard vacancy announcement language which describes the duties and qualifications requirements for the position. These documents will only be visible to HR users.

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