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Workflow information Tracking System (WiTS) at NIH


The Workflow information Tracking System (WiTS) is a web-based Business Process Management tool that is used to support the NIH's mission, goals, and objectives. It provides the NIH community with a standardized way to submit, track, and report on various HR and HR-related activities.WiTS logo

WiTS was originally designed solely to track work performed by the OHR—it has since expanded to encompass many HR-related IC functions. The system contains workflows for actions such as awards, pay incentives, promotions, recruitment, retirements, etc. and offers users the ability to generate real-time reports and dashboards on the data contained in these workflows. In addition, a number of these workflows contain automated notification emails which help keep HR and IC staff informed of the status of actions in progress.

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News & Updates

BizFlow Upgrade

BizFlow, the software that powers WiTS, has been upgraded from version 11.5 to version 12.3. To learn more about the updated/new functionality that was deployed as a result of this upgrade, please check out our BizFlow Upgrade WiTS commercial!

Title 42 Workflow Pilot

Title 42 Request Tracking Pilot with NIDDK, NINDS, NHLBI is now underway. To learn more about our Title 42 Workflow, please check out our Title 42 Request Workflow in the WiTS commercial!

Please visit our WiTS Releases page to view all of the latest enhancements.

Coming Soon:

  • New Vendor Training Workflow for WSDD

Learn more about WiTS Enhancements.

For information on upcoming training, enhancements, WiTS tips, trivia, and more, follow The WiTS Project Team on Twitter!

Benefits of Using WiTS

  • Provides a business process management model to standardize and streamline work.
  • Provides metric information related to work activities.
  • Eliminates the need to manually track the majority of personnel actions.
  • Allows users to generate near real-time reports.
  • Allows reports to be exported into a variety of formats (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, etc.).
  • Allows IC users to submit a variety of requests online (Retirement Estimate requests, Senior Level Pay cases, HR System Solutions (HRSS) requests, etc.)
  • Allows users to subscribe to the WiTS Report Subscription Service and have reports automatically delivered to them at established times/frequencies.

Learn more about the WiTS Report Subscription Service.

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