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Results Orientation

Focuses on desired results and sets and achieves challenging goals.

Key Behaviors

  • Identifies and meets with appropriate parties to develop an understanding of the project goals and desired outcomes.
  • Develops and utilizes measures to assess goal attainment and outcome achievement.
  • Utilizes tools and techniques to ensure projects remain on target and on budget.
  • Demonstrates a flexible approach to work and projects to achieve cost-savings and to attain goals.
  • Effectively engages team members’ participation in achieving goals by identifying strengths of members and assigning tasks based on strengths.

Recommended Training for Results Orientation

Program/Course Title & Info

Contact Info/Vendor

Managing Up Communicating with Your Boss (1019)

NIH Training Center


Note: Additional free SkillSoft classes may be available for this competency in the HHS Learning Management System External Web Site Disclaimer .

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