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Message Development and Delivery

Uses writing skills and editorial judgment to strategically develop messages for various audiences; and delivers them by evaluating the most appropriate media channel(s) for the particular needs of the target audience.

Key Behaviors

  • Knowledge of the production, communication and dissemination of information and ideas to inform via written, oral, electronic, and visual media.
  • Analyzes information needs and determines/develops an information plan and communications products to meet these needs.
  • Knowledge of the elements of plain language.
  • Plans and conducts evaluations to measure the success of communications plans and products.
  • Refines communications plans based on the results of audience research and Institute priorities.
  • Writes a variety of communications for example news releases, feature articles, pamphlets, fact sheets and Q & As.
  • Prepares communications materials tailored to audiences having different levels of education, interest and points of view.
  • Applies knowledge of computer-based information systems, internet applications and technologies to plan, design, and evaluate web sites and pages.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.

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