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Mandatory Training

NIH Mandatory Training

The NIH Mandatory Training Inventory helps new employees determine the mandatory training courses they are required to complete based on where they work at NIH, as well as their full time equivalent (FTE) category, supervisory role, and job activities. Click the link above to access more information on the NIH Mandatory Training Inventory.

Helpful Guide to Mandatory Training .pdf icon

The Executive Onboarding Program offers a helpful guide to required training. The Onboarding team is available to guide the new executive through the mandatory training process and troubleshoot any issues as they arise.

Mandatory Supervisory Training

As part of a succession and performance management strategy, the Office of Personnel Management now requires that new scientific and administrative supervisors receive formal training in the initial twelve months of their new roles as supervisors. In addition, retraining is required every three years. Training must at a minimum cover actions, options, and strategies addressing unacceptable performance, mentoring employees, employee performance improvement and productivity, and conducting employee performance appraisals. The NIH Training Center offers a Supervisory Skills Training that meets the requirements of OPM-mandated supervisory training.

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