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Learning Management System (LMS) at NIH - Support


The Learning Management System (LMS), also known as the HHS Learning Portal, is a system used to manage training needs across the entire Department of Health and Human Services. This system has the capability to register employees for training classes, create learner transcripts, develop competency assessments and customized learning plans. All NIH staff with a record in the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) and have an NIH Active Directory account will automatically be given access to start tracking trainings and setting professional developmental goals. The LMS system houses over 3,000 free online training courses, as well as Books 24x7, which is a valuable online information resource. For more information on how to access the free online training and Books 24x7, please visit the FREE Skillsoft Online Training web page. Please also visit the NIH Training Center Website in order to access the NIH Training Center course catalog and policies to learn more about the great courses NIH offers NIH staff.

LMS 7.2 Upgrade Updates!

The Department of Health and Human Services just released a new tentative timeline for the LMS upgrade. Pending the final go-live approval decision, the go-live date is tentatively set for Thursday, May 7.

Here are the dates HHS are proposing:

  • Go Live Date: May 7, 2015
  • LMS Blackout Period: April 24 (COB) to May 6, 2015 (8 Business Days)

Issues reported with online courses and Java 8 update 31

Online courses may not launch with Java 8 Update 31 installed.

  • One way to correct this issue is to install Java 8 Update 25.
  • Another way is by updating the Java options. Open the java control panel -> Advanced tab -> Advanced Security Settings -> Uncheck TLS 1.1 and 1.2 -> apply changes.

For all NIH staff:

HHS FY2014 Records Management Training - PDF Option .pdf icon
HHS FY2014 Records Management Training .pdf icon
LMS Learner/User Guide .pdf icon
Learner Tip Sheets
List of IC LMS Administrators .pdf icon
Yammer - Getting Started Instructions .pdf icon
LMS Technical FAQ's
LMS Desktop Configuration Requirements .pdf icon
LMS Online Course Browser Compatibility .pdf icon


For Manager/Supervisors and Approvers:

LMS Manager/Supervisor User Guide .pdf icon
Manager/Supervisor Tip Sheets
Managing Training Orders Tip Sheets
Instructions for Updating Additional Approvers and Alternate Managers .pdf icon


For LMS Administrators:

LMS Payroll CAN Auto-Fill Process .pdf icon
Administrator Tip Sheets
Report Tip Sheets
Request for LMS Training Rollout Support word icon
Testing Online Training Courses .pdf icon
LMS Administrator Role Functions Matrix .pdf icon

Need additional help?

  • LMS Related Support Options .pdf icon
  • For LMS technical questions and technical support:
  •               Iris icon Submit a Web Form Ticket

  • For training related questions (policies, course availability, schedules, etc.)
  •               Please contact the NIH Training Center:

                  Phone: 301-496-6211

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